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Imaging Notes is the premier publication for commercial, government and academic remote sensing professionals around the world. It provides objective exclusive in-depth reporting that demonstrates how remote sensing technologies and spatial information illuminate the urgent interrelated issues of the environment, energy and security.

Imaging Notes is now independently owned (as of the Summer 2005 issue), which allows for that ever-important “freedom of the press” — freedom to report on the industry without allegiances to any particular company, advertiser, or partner.  The benefit to this “old school” way of publishing is that readers learn to trust the magazine; they don’t think that every article is a commercial.  They trust the stories, and this translates into trust of the advertising.

Dr. Ray Williamson is Editor

Dr. Ray Williamson has joined our team as editor with the Winter 2006 issue. Ray has written Policy Watch for years, and will now lead the editorial direction of the publication as well. Read his letter to readers, and for the first time, Letters to the Editor.

Imaging Notes eNews

Imaging Notes eNews goes directly to subscribers monthly with industry news, previews of upcoming feature stories and information about important events. Join this list by subscribing free of charge, OR update your subscription using the codes on your address label. The archive is here.

Imaging Notes at-a-glance

Imaging Notes provides high-quality in-depth reporting for users of remotely sensed data worldwide with circulation of 24,000. With each issue, the magazine brings experts, in-depth reporting, thought-provoking ideas within natural resources/energy, transportation/infrastructure, civil government, defense/security and government policy.

As a quarterly publication, Imaging Notes reports in-depth on items that may be only short news blurbs in other publications. It also celebrates the beauty of the imagery by providing a sophisticated environment and relevant design throughout the publication.

We are always seeking contributed articles that would be balanced and unbiased, to provide the best value to our readers. Please send a few paragraphs with the concept description to the editor on the “contact us” page. Articles are published based solely on their merit and are not connected in any way to advertisers. If you want to write an opinion piece, we publish a Guest Editorial Column as well.

Imaging Notes was featured in the February 16, 2006 edition of The Washington Times.
China’s Nuclear Forces: The World’s First Look at China’s Underground Facilities for Nuclear Warheads


Imaging Notes is proud to publish in the Winter 2006 issue, an exclusive preview of China’s limited nuclear capabilities, the full report of which will be published by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Federation of American Scientists later this year. The story features a first look at China’s nuclear submarine, the Xia, and shows how commercial remote sensing can unwrap some of the mysteries of countries and regions in the world to which we have limited access. This website includes the featured imagery.

A Proud Rich History

When it was launched in the 1970's for NASA and Landsat users, Imaging Notes was the first publication to specifically address applications of satellite imagery.  EO Sat Notes was re-named Imaging Notes in 1997, and was published by Space Imaging until 2004. Beginning with the Summer 2005 issue, Imaging Notes has been owned by Blueline Publishing and is independent for the first time in its history. We are proud of this trail-blazing history and continue to lead the way for all users of remotely sensed data. We are expanding the scope of articles from primarily satellite data sources to include all areas of remote sensing around the world, from aerial to satellite and LiDAR to RADAR.