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eNewsletter October 2010

GeoInt Preview Nov. 1-5, New Orleans

LizardTech Launches GeoExpress 8

At the GEOINT 2010 Symposium, LizardTech is launching a new version of GeoExpress, introducing an updated image format. To celebrate the launch, the company is having a contest at their booth. Attendees are encouraged to stop by LizardTech booth # 326 on the morning of the first day the exhibit hall opens to find out the details of the contest and how they can qualify to win a GPS. See www.lizardtech.com.

Intergraph Launches GeoMedia 3D

At GeoINT 2010, Intergraph will showcase its geospatial solutions that help users within the defense and intelligence communities to make sense of and maximize today’s data deluge. Intergraph will introduce GeoMedia 3D, a GeoMedia add-on product that extends the functionality of Intergraph’s geospatial solutions through an integrated 3D visualization and analysis environment. GeoMedia 3D allows users to visualize, navigate, analyze, and interact with 3D data natively in GeoMedia. Additionally, users can dynamically integrate surfaces, imagery, feature data, and vector data to provide a 3D view of all data sources in a GeoMedia 3D map window. It fuses multiple elevation sources into a unified 3D model, improves force protection and situational awareness and increases the reliability and effectiveness of geospatial data.

Intergraph will also highlight its Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) application that empowers users to collaborate and distribute geospatially related data. Intergraph’s SDI technologies are based on industry standards, including the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Visit Intergraph at booth #123 to learn how Intergraph’s geospatial solutions are advancing the power of GeoINT. See www.intergraph.com.

TerraGo Presents Advanced GeoPDF Solutions

TerraGo Technologies will demonstrate enhanced situational awareness and collaboration with advanced GeoPDF solutions at booth #363. In addition, the company will be hosting the TerraGo Innovation Lab 363 that will highlight how to move beyond simply publishing maps and imagery to deploying GeoPDF as a platform for advanced geospatial applications. There will be five unique innovation stations demonstrating how GeoPDF technology can be extended to geospatially collaborate in real-time with those in the field, whether they are on or offline.

These stations include demonstrations of TerraGo Mobile; how to create custom GeoPDF maps for battlefield awareness; how to export 3D GeoPDF from ESRI ArcScene 10, then view the 3D GeoPDF in Adobe Reader; how users can add JIT imagery to topographic maps for up-to-the-minute situation analysis; and much more. TerraGo’s integrated solutions capture and share on-the-ground intelligence then easily roundtrip the intelligence back to the enterprise system. For more information, check out: http://www.terragotech.com/events/10/geoint-2010-symposium

ITT VIS Offers New Capabilities

ITT solutions cover the image chain from capture to analysis. ITT VIS will be offering some great new features with ENVI 4.8 (releasing 11/16), including complete integration with ArcGIS, allowing users to access image analysis tools directly from within the ArcGIS desktop and server environments.

ITT brings warfighters end-to-end integrated imagery and video data solutions by combining our COTS software solution with our customized imagery and video management and dissemination system, and extensive domain expertise. ITT delivers streaming imagery and video data in an environment challenged by information overload, constrained bandwidths and multiple end-users. Our capabilities span the geospatial intelligence chain for capturing, processing and analyzing, managing, and disseminating imagery and video. For the latest ITT in-booth demonstration schedule at GEOINT 2010, go to www.geospatial.itt.com/geoint

EyeQ: GeoEye’s New Web-based Dissemination Services

GeoEye will be demonstrating their new Web-based dissemination service, EyeQ, at the GEOINT 2010 Symposium. The company has introduced a new Information Services business line to join its existing Imagery Collection and Production Services lines of business. Information Services is designed to synthesize location intelligence and services with the tools to help its users make the complex business decisions that lead to insight on demand.

EyeQ combines imagery products with on-demand tools for managing geospatial information and project-based collaboration. With EyeQ, customers can search, organize and share geospatial data while reducing their total cost of ownership. EyeQ has an easy-to-use user interface, allowing non-technical as well as advanced users to interact with geospatial data. Leveraging Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, hosting and serving data via the Web provides users with global, on-demand access to secure imagery, in addition to having the tools to search, manage, and share information for complex decision-making. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is the first major customer for EyeQ. Information Services began hosting the NGA’s Rapid Delivery of Online Geospatial Intelligence (RDOG) program in early spring.

GEOINT 2010 attendees are encouraged to stop by Booth 273 and sign up to attend a comprehensive, in-depth demonstration of EyeQ’s features and capabilities. From imagery collection, to production, and now dissemination, GeoEye is building on two decades of expertise and elevating insight in three powerful ways, now and into the future. Visit www.geoeye.com for more information.

Imaging Notes Fall Issue Preview

Portions of this issue are now on www.imagingnotes.com, and the entire issue will be live the first week of November.

  1. Data Paradox – This article explains how more choices in data do not mean better decisions are being made. With more data choices all the time, the relevance of this article increases over time as well. (link)
  2. RapidEye – The German company’s five satellites at five meter res map China. (I cannot believe I just used “map” as a verb… see publisher’s letter from xxx issue) link to old pub letter
  3. Disappearing Glaciers, A Research Project of Planet Action – Dr. Mauri Pelto of Nichols College has found better ways to study glacier melt to more accurately predict the availability of fresh water supplies. (link)
  4. A Comprehensive Look at Aerial Cameras
  5. Sustainable Development – A look at using Earth observations in forestry, mining and hydropower from an expert at the European Space Agency (ESA).
  6. GEOSS User Requirements – The ad hoc GEO group (organizers of GEOSS) now includes 50+ Member Countries and 50+ Participating Organizations. The next step in this globally coordinated effort to monitor the Earth for long-term sustainability is gathering from users what they need in the User Requirements Registry (URR). Read how to contribute.
  7. The 2010 IGARSS Meeting Summary – The plenary theme of Community Remote Sensing is addressed, and we provide quotes about Earth observations from the panelists from NASA, JAXA and ESA.

Industry News

Geosys to Provide RapidEye Imagery of France

Cemagref, a research institute specialized in science and technology for the environment, has chosen Geosys to provide complete coverage of France with RapidEye ortho-rectified satellite imagery at 5- meter pixel resolution. Taken May-September 2010, the imagery will facilitate access to geospatial information for researchers and local government administrators. Cemagref, jointly supervised by the French ministries of research and agriculture, conducts environmental planning focused on managing sustainable water and territories, natural hazards, and environmental quality. Geosys is a private company that helps professionals in agriculture and renewable resources in more than 50 countries make better economic, environmental, and agronomic decisions with remote sensing, agronomy, and geographic information systems. It is the unique distributor of RapidEye satellite imagery in France. RapidEye is a geospatial solutions provider that owns and operates a constellation of five identical Earth observation satellites. URLs: www.cemagref.fr, www.geosys.com, www.rapideye.de

RapidEye Passes Operational Readiness Review for ESA; Seeks New Investor for Growth

RapidEye has successfully passed the Operational Readiness Review (ORR) for the European Space Agency (ESA). Integration software will now allow ESA and its user community efficient access to RapidEye's five-meter pixel sized, multi-spectral data through an interface allowing semi-automated product and metadata exchange between RapidEye's ground segment and ESA's Coordinated Data Access System. Also, RapidEye has mandated Roland Berger Strategy Consultants to support its effort to raise additional funding for the company.

Alaska Awards Statewide Imagery Acquisition to Aero-Metric

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has selected Aero-Metric, Inc. to provide 2.5-meter resolution orthoimage coverage of the entire state. The new imagery will be acquired and processed within the next four years and will allow Alaska agencies and private organizations to better utilize GIS and mapping technology to aid in decision making.

Alaska’s last statewide imagery collection, the Alaska High Altitude Photography (AHAP) program, was acquired 30 years ago and did not provide complete coverage of the state. In addition, the AHAP imagery needs to be refreshed because it does not reflect the current Alaska landscape — both man- made development and natural changes, such as coastal shoreline erosion, melting permafrost, or shrub- line migration. Technical limitations of that imagery also prevent it from being used in a geographic information system (GIS). The new statewide orthoimagery will provide current data and will be processed so as to be immediately usable in a GIS. It will show current conditions and trends and will become an essential tool for Alaska’s economic development, livability, and public safety. Aero- Metric, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of aerial mapping and GIS services, including the latest in photogrammetric, lidar, satellite, and airborne imaging technology. See www.aerometric.com.

Spatial Energy and Blueback Reservoir Introduce the Spatial Image ConnectorT Plug-in for Petrel Software

Spatial Energy, a source for digital imagery, data management, and services for the energy industry, and Blueback Reservoir, a technology company specializing in providing Ocean plug-ins and 3D geomodeling services for the global exploration and production industry, will release the Spatial Image ConnectorT (SIC) plug-in for Petrel reservoir engineering software. It will be available November 1 on the Schlumberger Ocean Store. Addressing an industry need to bring spatial imagery data into the Petrel platform, Blueback Reservoir and Spatial Energy collaborated with Apache Corporation and produced the first release of this plug-in. Intended for geophysicists, geologists, and reservoir engineers, the plug-in connects Petrel directly to WMS servers to allow real-time import and rendering of global high resolution satellite and aerial imagery, bathymetry, topos, and Digital Elevation Models. It also supports zooming, panning, and high resolution plotting.

Sold as a subscription, Spatial Energy's Spatial on Demand service is used by more than 25 of the largest global oil and gas companies to provide easy access to the world's largest energy-specific online database, including archives of geospatial data from satellites, aerial photos, topographic maps, and DEMs, as well as the ability to store their existing and newly collected data. See www.spatialenergy.com, www.blueback-reservoir.com, www.ocean.slb.com

Merrick Purchases Additional Sensing Equipment for Helicopter-Acquired Data Products

and Services Merrick & Company has purchased additional remote sensing equipment to complement the suite of sensors for its new helicopter platform. The firm will co-mount this new equipment — from Trimble, Geospatial Systems Inc. (GSI), and Aventech — alongside its recently purchased Optech Orion C200 light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor in its Eurocopter AStar 350 BA helicopter. The purchased equipment includes:

  • RGB orthophotography nadir digital camera (Trimble Aerial Camera, 60 megapixels);
  • two RGB oblique digital cameras, one forward and one aft (GSI KCM-16, 16 megapixels each);
  • CIR orthophotography nadir digital camera (GSI KCM-MS);
  • airborne weather sensor (Aventech’s AIMMS-20 airborne sensor) to measure meteorological airborne data;
  • flight and acquisition status tracking via Web-based mapping system (Aventech’s AvSTAR).

Merrick specializes in multi-sensor data acquisition services and fused data products. Multiple remote sensors are co-mounted on a single aircraft to provide higher fidelity data, speed-of-acquisition with only one flight flown to acquire multiple data sets, and cost savings to clients. Merrick currently has existing multi-sensor platforms mounted in three Cessna fixed-wing aircraft. This addition to the fleet will allow the firm to acquire high fidelity, remote sensing data for both large areas such as flood plains, wind farms, and coastlines and for more closed-in and linear areas such as transmission and transportation corridors. See www.merrick.com/index.php/geospatial/services-gss.

RADARSAT-2 Digital Elevation Products to Indonesia

MDA's Information Systems Group (MDA) has signed a multi-million dollar contract to supply digital elevation products for the Government of Indonesia. MDA will use RADARSAT-2 data to produce digital elevation products that will allow the Government of Indonesia to develop large scale geological maps of a total area of approximately 600,000 square kilometers. The contract will conclude in three months.

ERDAS and Infoterra GmbH Bring TerraSAR-X Data and Solutions to Geospatial

Community ERDAS announces that it will collaborate with Infoterra GmbH, a leading provider of radar satellite data and services and exclusive holder of commercial exploitation rights to TerraSAR-X data. Together, they will develop operational applications for TerraSAR-X radar satellite imagery and strengthen the knowledge of SAR data analysis within the user community.

Northrop Grumman to Provide Geospatial Services for the Department of Agriculture

Northrop Grumman Corporation has been awarded a follow-on contract by the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) to capture and process digital multispectral imagery for the 2010 National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) supporting the delivery of effective agricultural programs, including crop monitoring and compliance.

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