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Madagascar is an island located to the east of mainland Africa. This image shows the southeast coastline, located near Tolanaro (or Telagnaro, formerly Fort Dauphin), Madagascar. Shown in the image is Lake Anony near Monkey Bay. This area was affected by the 2006-07 cyclone season, which was one of the worst in the country's history.

This image is a classic false-color image where red indicates vegetation on the image because the near-infrared band is assigned with the red color of the color composite.

Spot Image is using images like this one to contrast with archived images for climate change assessment. See page 30 and the back cover for the 1993 image of this area.

Spot Image is also launching an open collaborative initiative to address climate change called “Planet Action.” An interview with Spot CEO Hervé Buchwalter about their plans, and calling for partners, begins on page 30.

The image was taken Mar. 3, 2006, by Spot 4, a satellite owned by CNES, the French Space Agency, and the image was distributed by Spot Image (Toulouse, France).

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