Summer  >>  2005


Welcome to the inaugural issue of Imaging Notes under new independent ownership.

EOSAT Notes became Imaging Notes in 1998 and has been owned and underwritten by Space Imaging LLC. Blueline Publishing (formerly Publishing Partnerships) has been publishing Imaging Notes for Space Imaging since the Winter 2003-2004 issue. Thank you to everyone at Space Imaging and elsewhere who has worked so hard on Imaging Notes magazine over the years.

A very special thank you also goes to our advertisers — past, current and future. We cannot provide this venue for sharing important industry information without you. We take great pride in delivering your message directly to those who work in this exciting, vital field of commercial remote sensing.

To the readers, whose very livelihood depends upon obtaining accurate, relevant information: Imaging Notes is written for you. We will strive to print what you most need to know, providing objective editorial reporting and offering a strong, relevant voice for the industry.

Ray A. Williamson will be bringing his expertise to the Editorial Advisory Board. He is Research Professor of Space Policy and International Affairs in the Space Policy Institute of The George Washington University, and a faculty member of the International Space University, Strasbourg, France. He writes extensively on space technologies and policies, has written or edited nine books, and holds a PhD in astronomy and physics.

Williamson will continue to share insights in his column, ‘Policy Watch,’ and is enthusiastic about the future of Imaging Notes. We would like to thank him sincerely for his contributions to the professional focus of the magazine.

In this issue, beginning on page 16, we provide a rare, important look into North Korea, one of the most volatile and feared nations in the world today because of its nuclear weapons buildup and threats. The cover story, prepared by experts at the Natural Resources Defense Council, shows political prisons, nuclear facilities and air bases. The imagery has been presented in a press briefing at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and was featured on CNN; this story has not been previously published.

Our goal is to deliver in-depth analysis of significant remote sensing projects around the globe. We strive to take readers beyond the day-to-day headlines of selected news in each issue. The Gaza Strip story in the Fall 2004 issue showing destruction of homes was featured here several months before the final report was issued by Human Rights Watch. Our recent Winter issue offered the only publication of the test results for the ARIES emergency response system spearheaded by EarthData in ‘Making Rapid Response a Reality.’

Also in this issue, you’ll find on page 8 a new department, ‘Enjoy the View,’ which provides readers with a venue to appreciate the sheer beauty of the Earth from all kinds of remote sensors.

We encourage submissions of your letters, suggestions and articles. We are most interested in hearing your feedback, and in hearing about innovative applications of Earth imaging technologies that have not yet been published, or that have a new angle.

Imaging Notes will be re-launching soon. Watch for a new name and a sharper focus. Our goal is to become one of the most vital publications in the field of remote sensing.

In order to continue receiving Imaging Notes free of charge, please fill out the enclosed card and return it with your signature. This is important as we apply for circulation audits; your subscription may expire otherwise. Thank you for reading and responding.

With much respect,

Myrna James Yoo

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