LBx Journal Launches!

Location in the Language of Business

Dear Remote Sensing Professionals,

The Imaging Notes team is thrilled to provide you with a complimentary copy of our launch issue of our spin-off publication, LBx Journal: Location in the Language of Business. Enjoy this copy, and pass it along to someone who is the ideal reader: Business leaders who are exploring the untapped business potential of location intelligence, and geospatial professionals who are seeking that new business customer.

LBx is a multi-media resource about location intelligence for the business user. We launched in print at Where 2.0 (an O’Reilly Conference on all things digital mapping) and online at the ESRI User Conference! Our website is rich and interactive, with many new opportunities to share your business needs and wants, from posting marketing materials and white papers to actually connecting with customers via our LBx Network and Virtual RFP process. Subscribe and join our community at

In this issue of Imaging Notes, our Next-Gen Mapping column asks questions about transparency and its effect on business. This article will also be interesting to the LBx Journal reader, with its commercial applications.

Meanwhile, Imaging Notes is still committed to the geospatial and remote sensing professionals. We will continue to provide all original content for each issue—a feat that most major newspapers cannot perform these days. We do not reprint any material from any other source; every story is written for Imaging Notes exclusively.

Two of those original articles in this issue come from the perspective of the United Nations. One is about voluntary carbon markets versus those that are Kyoto-compliant, by Anna Burzykowska of the YGT European Space Agency. The other is the Secure World Foundation Forum, where editor Ray Williamson shares that various U.N. Committees use Earth observations in more ways than you might expect.

Rod Franklin’s report on justifying an investment in 3D from an ROI perspective is intriguing. We also provide an update on water modeling and mapping, an increasingly important issue as less fresh water is available globally. Finally, Karen Nozik does an in-depth report on education, reporting that universities are working hard to keep up with changing technologies, and that the workforce needs people who can think spatially, and who can really understand what can be done with all that data!

Join us at GeoWeb in Vancouver, and at the Symposium on Digital Earth in Beijing. With so many geospatial technologies and applications moving to the Web, from cloud computing to the Sensor Web, to SaaS (software as a service) making it less expensive, both gatherings promise serious intellectual stimulation and high-level contacts.

Please renew Imaging Notes now. Take two minutes, go to, and have your address label ready to get into your existing record. This is still free of charge; do not lose your subscription. If you do not renew annually, you will not get the magazine. Tell your colleagues!

LBx Journal is a separate paid subscription at, which includes membership to the interactive website, as well as print.

As always, thanks for reading.

—Myrna James Yoo

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