Solutions for a Challenging World

Esri’s partners help provide total solutions for GIS users who need in-depth intelligence on Earth information

Joplin, Missouri is hit by a mile-wide, six-mile long tornado clearing this path through town. MJ Harden aerial image was taken May 24, 2011, and is courtesy of GeoEye.

Esri’s partners provide software, services and data that create total solutions for ArcGIS users. More than 2,000 companies in 46 countries belong to the ESRI Partner Network ranging from large multinational corporations to regional specialty companies. While their products and services vary, they all hold a common vision – to bring GIS users the tools they need to perform sophisticated analysis necessary to face the challenges of our complex world.

GeoEye, with their high-resolution imagery such as this one of the tornado in Joplin, Missouri, is an example of one organization bringing specialized tools into the ArcGIS environment. The satellite and aerial imagery that GeoEye collects around the globe each day is processed and can be used in a multitude of applications ranging from mapping, disaster response, infrastructure management and environmental monitoring. Other examples of how imagery and advanced image processing help GIS users become part of the recovery from catastrophes like this is detailed in this issue’s feature article.

Information on Esri partners can be found at Find organizations that span the spectrum of solutions from getting data into your GIS system to creating professional quality output, such as those showcased in this special section.


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