Océ Provides 65 D-sized Maps/Hour

Printed, Dried, Cut and Collated

Now GIS users can have fast access to high quality printed maps. This means they can discuss critical information with project teams with greater speed and accuracy, and present information with the confidence that last minute details can be printed and distributed quickly. With the Océ ColorWave 600 printer, there is no longer a need to wait for full coverage maps to process and print, or damp prints to dry.

Productivity is amazing with this flexible, easy-to-use wide format printer.

  • Easy job submission and powerful large-file processing allows for quick access to critical printed information
  • Fast print speeds and greater throughput – up to 65 D-sized maps per hour – due to the toner-based system, means that more maps can be printed per hour with no drying time.
  • A wide variety of supported media including inexpensive 20 lb. bond paper, recycled paper, even Tyvek media, mean GIS users can print project team maps, presentations and water-resistant field maps without time-consuming roll changes.

According to Larry Wachel, National Resources Conservation Services, “The planning department used to send an aerial map to the HP plotter. It would take 15 minutes to get across the network to the memory in the plotter. Then 19 minutes to plot and 5 minutes to dry – total of 38 minutes for the plot. With the Océ [ColorWave] 600 printer, it takes 8 minutes to send and receive the plot. No drying time saves 30 minutes per plot.”

To find out more, visit oceusa.com/moremaps10 or call 800-714-4427.

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