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More than 2,000 companies in 46 countries belong to the ESRI Partner Network. ESRI partners range from large multinational corporations such as BAE Systems, Inc., to specialty companies such as TerraGo Technologies. They all develop and deliver cutting-edge geospatial solutions and services using ESRIís software platform, and they integrate their technology with it.

For partner companies, being part of this network allows them to tap into ESRIís technological and marketplace strategies to develop and market their own business offerings built on ESRIís software platform. For ESRI, these relationships are important, since partners help extend the companyís market reach by connecting and working with new users in both new and existing markets.

The ESRI Partner Network provides companies with access to detailed product information, development and deployment best practices, and marketing and sales resources. For example, BAE Systems developed the SOCET for ArcGIS extension using ESRIís comprehensive product information and access to ESRI developers. SOCET for ArcGIS lets users work with SOCET GXP for image ana-lysis and ESRIís ArcMap application in ArcGIS Desktop at the same time. Users can take advantage of advanced functions in both SOCET GXP and ArcGIS. One benefit of using SOCET for ArcGIS is SOCET GXPís automatic attribution of features from image source metadata. This makes it possible to add easily the image date, time, circular error, and sensor type to a feature class in the geodatabase.

The ESRI Partner Network features three tiers: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Platinum and Gold partners get to work directly with ESRI on sales, marketing, and technical development for their ESRI technology-based products. ITT Visual Information Solutions, a business partner specializing in imagery, works closely with ESRI to develop and promote products such as ENVI EX, which ITT developed using the ESRI platform. With ENVI EX, ArcGIS users can easily extract features from imagery and seamlessly view the results within ArcGIS.

ESRIís strength in the imagery community is revealed through the number of imagery partners that offer best-in-class solutions, such as Lizardtechís MrSID wavelet image and lidar compression technology, which integrates with ESRIís platform.

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