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  • Mar 13
By Myrna James Yoo | New articles announcement
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Winter 2013 Issue

Precision Ag, Environmental Intel, Big Social Data, Bathymetric Lidar and more...

Dear Readers,Imaging Notes is proud to be a part of the Location Media Alliance (LMA), which includes also LBx Journal, Sensors & Systems, Informed Infrastructure, and Asian Surveying & Mapping. We offer a combined audience of 59,200 business, technology, and policy professionals. The LMA promotes the power of location analytics and...   Read Complete Post

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  • Oct 12
By Myrna James Yoo | New articles announcement
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Fall 2012 Issue

AR, UAVs, Eye on Earth, GIS Helps Kenya with Tax Collection

The Fall 2012 issue includes a feature on the progress of Augmented Reality (AR), including an update on Google's Project Glass, the glasses that take videos from the frame and share information with the wearer.Our update on UAVs (now called UAS - unmanned aerial systems) notes that the industry is poised for explosion, awaiting FAA regulation the...   Read Complete Post

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  • May 12
By Myrna James Yoo | New articles announcement
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Spring 2012 Highlights

SpaceDataHighway, DigitalGlobe Analysis Center, Google Earth Builder Update, Piracy, Landsat Celebrates 40 Years

The SpaceDataHighway is being developed by the European Data Relay System, which is a partnership between the European Space Agency and Astrium Services. The first feature article about it appears in this issue.DigitalGlobe's Analysis Center assists customers with getting detailed, often timely information from their imagery, taking customer...   Read Complete Post
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